in-home engagement photographer

in-home-couples session discount!

My sessions usually involve frolicking around a pretty location, but I've found that "a pretty location" can be a lot closer than you think. If you've got a cool space with good light, shooting a session with your partner in your own home can be an awesome way to spend an afternoon, especially if hanging out at your place with your boo is one of your favorite things to do. 

House, apartment, tiny home - doesn't matter. The only requirement is natural light.

These sessions are super open-ended. There's always lots of snuggling (of course) but there can be music-playing, dance parties, or making some awesome cocktails together. Honestly, I want you to bring your personalities in to the photos, and I'm totally open to your suggestions about plans for these shoots.

If you're still like, "this sounds weird," check out a full in-home shoot from a couple weeks ago here to get a better feel for how these go down.

These can be a rad way to document your one-year wedding anniversary.

I'm taking $100 off my engagement session rate for in-home sessions in February & March. That means they're $300, which includes digital access to all edited photos.

Get in touch if you'd like to book a session! 

Cool nicknames are also allowed.
Tell me about yourselves and any plans/ideas you have for your shoot! Also, where you're located could be an important detail here.
Instagram, Google, friends...?