Beth + Kristen // an Adelphi Mill Wedding

A semi-rainy, chilly April wedding day would get most couples down, but Beth + Kristen couldn't have been more joyful, regardless of the drizzle. We wandered through the woods together after their intimate ceremony in Adelphi Mill and I had loads of fun documenting their love for each other. I normally guide my couples with open-ended actions and prompts to help them forget they're being photographed, but Beth + Kristen fell into their own little bubble together all on their own. They are so wonderful. 

If you're worried about rain on your wedding day, take a lesson from Beth + Kristen: it's not about the weather or whether your celebration ends up being indoors or outdoors. It's about the person you're marrying and the people you're celebrating with. 

(this wedding was photographed as a lead photographer for Carly Romeo & Co.!)

Those flower crowns are the best though, am I right? Beth + Kristen had a crown-making station at their reception, so it was basically a flower-crown-palooza! More of that plz!!