Nat + Gloria // a Middlesex Fells and Boston Esplanade engagement

boston engagement photography

Shew. I knew I'd get along well with Nat + Gloria from our initial Facetime calls where we mainly chatted about Charlottesville hidden gems and craft beer, but I totally wasn't expecting their engagement session to be one of my favorite adventures of the year. I was in town for a Cambridge wedding, so we decided to spend a Sunday wandering all over Boston together. 

We started with a quick trip down a trail in the Middlesex Fells, with views that were the last thing I was expecting from Boston. So many awesome little spots. Then ventured back to their apartment in Cambridge and departed by bike to shoot all around the Charles River. We stopped by potential wedding venues along the water, favorite viewpoints, and just had the best time. 

One of my favorite moments was watching Nat's face as he took in the view that he said made him fall in love with the city, just standing on the riverside, looking up at the sun setting behind all the skyscrapers, beside the love of his life.

These spontaneous sessions that trail off until last light are just the best. Especially when they end with post-shoot tacos (not pictured).

Absolutely the best introduction to Boston I could ask for.