A vibrant, emotional The Inn at Fernbrook Farms wedding

fernbrook farms wedding photographer

Kat and Ted's wedding was honestly as close to an indie rom-com (the good kind) as real life can possibly be. It had everything - from their dog Boo in his fancy handmade floral get-up, to Ted and his blue pinstripe suit - it was one of the most stylish days I've ever been a part of. The theme was "Gatsby Garden Party," if you were wondering. Check out those giant balloons!!

But the heart and soul of this wedding was not the decorations (psst - it never is). It was Kat, Ted, and their relationship with each other & their community. From his handwritten vows across 20+ taped-together, multicolored note cards, to the look on her face throughout the entire ceremony. Seriously, those handwritten vows were a solid 10 minutes long and were so clearly from the heart and personal. I've never seen two people who share their emotions this openly. I've also never teared up this many times in a single wedding. 

I'm tellin' ya, indie love story. 

And hey, how can a wedding involving a secret garden ceremony, playing in a sunflower field and paying a visit to some rad goats not be awesome? The Inn at Fernbrook Farms has so much character and I feel really lucky to have had the privilege to document these two incredible people + their friends + family celebrating there.

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