Isabelle + Collin // At Home

I usually shut off for most of January + February because I Really Hate the Cold but I've been wanting to get out & do some new things while I'm not in wedding crunch time. So I got in touch with these two and asked if they'd be up for having me shoot them living life in their tiny house. This is a little different than my usual work - no scenery! mostly black and white! lots more motion! shot at 28mm! - but I love this a whole, whole lot, and hope to do more in-home shooting with couples in 2018. It feels more personal, more raw, and more creatively challenging. It's just two people with four limbs and a small, enclosed canvas to make interesting, emotion-filled art in. 

I don't think I need to remind anyone how awesome Isabelle & Collin are. They literally wear their love for each other on their faces. 

When I showed up at their tiny house in Harrisonburg, they were building a puzzle together, and they own a still-working vintage Francis Francis espresso machine, and the wall in their loft is just lined with bags full of adventure gear (they went camping for New Years Eve - seriously). This session involved lots of swinging around like monkeys, climbing on every surface of their home, and weird snuggling positions. Turns out "make a different snuggle shape every 10 seconds" is a pretty fun game.

Scroll on. It's a good one.

If this set of photos connects with you, you should get in touch to set up one of these sessions with your partner. Let's make some awesome, weird, authentic, non-traditional art together.