Ashley + Andrew // Hidden Vineyard, MI Wedding

I've traveled to a dozen different states for weddings and engagement shoots this year, but Ashley and Andrew's fall wedding in Michigan was one of my favorite trips. After chatting with the two of them the first time, we clicked immediately and I couldn't wait for this celebration. 

Despite a 22-person (!!) wedding party, this day went so smoothly I still can't believe it, but it was a solid reminder that planning carefully ahead of time is the most important part of wedding photography - since everything happened according to plan, Ashley & Andrew and I had a full hour to wander around for sunset portraits in soybean fields and among huge trees.

In my planning questionnaire, Andrew said that the most important aspect of photography for him was capturing how much he loved Ashley, and I really think we bottled that feeling up here. This is one of my favorite sets of wedding portraits all year. 

that feeling when you say "oh let's go out in that pretty soybean field" but you totally forget about your Mega-Veil