A George Washington National Forest Adventure Session

Sometimes photoshoots catch you off guard. I mean, I always expect shoots will go well, but it's rare that I see my favorite ones coming. I definitely didn't see this one coming. 

Blue Hole is a college swimming hole by summer, but at the boundary of an unseasonably warm winter and spring, it's empty. It almost looked like a dream. 

Tori and Enrique met in a biology course and can tell you just about anything you'd want to know about birds. Their mutual interest is pretty adorable and I loved hearing about all their bird-related adventures.

But seriously - I've never learned so much about birds in a single car ride. You can even see them scoping out birds in one of these photos.

I'm always pretty light on posing, but with Tori and Enrique, literally all of this was natural. Their love is ridiculous and I'm so glad so much of it comes through in these photos.

If all of my shoots end up being like this one day - little adventures full of love - I'll be happy.