Matt Schmachtenberg Photography A Practical Wedding
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hey! i'm matt. and I want to authentically document your story.

my brand of wedding photography is all about being candid, genuine, and love-filled, using natural light to capture real, raw moments.

photos that radiate love. photos that tell your stories. photos that glow. 

photography with a sense of adventure. 

basically, you be you, i'll be me, and i'll bring the cameras.

trust me on this one - it'll be beautiful & bursting with love. i'll capture your true selves & be laughing way more than we'll be worrying about where your hands and feet go.

i realize this style isn't for everyone, but if this sounds like how you'd like your love photographed, reach out to me and we can start planning this photo adventure together! I'd love to wander with you in places you love and tell your stories. 


all the love, all the quirks, and all the adventures together

my favorite part of weddings and engagements is getting to know the story of how two people found their other half - their best friend, their road trip buddy, the love of their life. I put my heart and soul into documenting all of this authentically, with all the weirdness, the dancing, and the laughter. these galleries are real & a little rough around the edges & I wouldn't have it any other way. these are a couple of those stories. I'd love for you to take a look through them.