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I'm a wedding, portrait, and elopement photographer originally from Roanoke, VA. Nowadays I'm located in Charlottesville, but on any given weekend I can be found in a different corner of the state (or in a different state) shooting a wedding.

I shoot real film alongside digital because I love making tangible things - photos that you can hold tight - and you'll usually find me wearing a ridiculous camera harness with film on one side & digital on the other.

Whether it's weddings, elopements, or portraits, my style is candid, genuine, and love-filled, using natural light to capture real, raw moments.

I love hanging out with awesome couples and unique people, telling their stories through photos. I'd love the opportunity to tell yours.

So you be you. I'll bring the cameras

How I'd describe my style: Genuine, cinematic, & adventurous

Favorite lens: 35mm f/1.4

Favorite film: Portra 400

Favorite film(500) Days of Summer

Favorite city: Seattle (and Chicago)

Stuff I love: espresso, instant film, Bon Iver, traveling, indie rock, prime lenses, plaid shirts, Ryan Adams, golden sunlight, the Pacific Northwest, this cat gif

Photo inspiration: Alexandra CeliaJordan VothMike GrittaniCarly Romeo

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