Maddy + Zach // Downtown Roanoke Engagement Session

Looking back on this session with Maddy + Zach, I'm still not sure how we covered so many Roanoke spots in an hour and a half. These two are so much fun!

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Matt + Gemma // Rattlesnake Ridge Adventure Session

I've been on a long list of unforgettable adventures with couples over the years, but this day in June is at the very top of the list. 

A Washington mountain range, two free-spirited yoga instructors, and no time constraints.

One part unbelievably-epic, one part wait-are-you-guys-riding-that-rock-like-a-horse?, one part quiet-embrace. 100% I-could-do-this-every-day. 

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Ashley + Andrew // Hidden Vineyard Wedding

I've traveled to a dozen different states for weddings and engagement shoots this year, but Ashley and Andrew's fall wedding in Michigan was one of my favorite trips. After chatting with the two of them the first time, we clicked immediately and I couldn't wait for this celebration. 

In my planning questionnaire, Andrew said that the most important aspect of photography for him was capturing how much he loved Ashley, and I really think we bottled that feeling up here. This is one of my favorite sets of wedding portraits all year. 

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Beth + Kristen // Adelphi Mill Wedding

A semi-rainy, chilly April wedding day would get most couples down, but Beth + Kristen couldn't have been more joyful, regardless of the drizzle. We wandered through the woods together after their intimate ceremony in Adelphi Mill and I had loads of fun documenting their love for each other. I normally guide my couples with open-ended actions and prompts to help them forget they're being photographed, but Beth + Kristen fell into their own little bubble together all on their own. They are so wonderful. 

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