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My brand of wedding photography is very candid and emphasizes the joy, the laughter, and the people who traveled dozens/hundreds/thousands of miles to come celebrate with you. I focus on capturing your real personality instead of posed moments, and when posing is necessary (the ever-important group shots), I make it as fun as I can!

Basically, you be you and I'll be me. I'll document your celebration in the most genuine way possible. And we'll be laughing way more than we'll be worrying about where your hands and feet go.

But let's be real for a second - wedding planning can get a little intense sometimes. Aside from actual photography, one of the most important things I do is help you sort through all this hecticness so you can have awesome photos from your celebration and not have to stress about it. I can help you decide how much time you need for posed family photos and help ensure getting beautiful portraits is easy.

Seriously, I have a handy dandy planning guide. It rocks. And it'll help you be free to go Dougie with Grandma (is this a thing people do? I'm old.)

My wedding photography packages start at $2300, with full pricing available upon request. Elopement coverage is priced separately on an individual basis. I love new adventures, so travel fees aren't a thing for me - just tell me where we're going, and I'll meet you there! 

To reach out to me, just say hi down below! Don't be shy, it's just me behind this intimidating-looking form.

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