An Intimate Backyard Wedding in Richmond

This wedding was everything I love about wedding photography crammed into a single celebration. 

Beth and Dan had well-thought-out plans for a small ceremony with family at the VMFA, but with rain in the forecast, decided instead at the last minute to celebrate in their backyard under clear umbrellas. 

This hustle would get a lot of couples down, but the way Beth and Dan laughed through the downpour, through Beth-standing-on-a-cinderblock-for-dryness, through their friends readings off soggy, disintegrating paper, through Dan dropping Beth's ring - you'd never guess the sun wasn't shining. 

Dan, on what it feels like to be married: "I feel more moist, mainly. Like, a little waterlogged, and kind of heavier than before. It's nice."

(This wedding was photographed as a lead photographer for Carly Romeo & Co.!)