A Raven's Roost adventure session at sunrise

I definitely don't usually show up to 5am sunrise shoots and hear "we're so excited!"

But then again, neither is showing up to a first date on a tandem bike, and Collin did that, too.  Isabelle + Collin are very special people, both on their own and as a couple. Isabelle owns (the best) bakery in Harrisonburg, Collin is a touring mountain biker, and together they can make each other laugh for what seems like forever. We ventured up to Raven's Roost for a lovely sunrise adventure. This is still one of my favorite Parkway spots. 

Things Isabelle & Collin did during this shoot: 

  • Pretended to fly

  • Showed off some killer dance moves

  • Reenacted the time Collin brought Isabelle home a bouquet of weeds

  • Climbed a tree in 40 mile-an-hour winds

  • Tangled themselves into a human pretzel

  • Laughed & laughed & laughed.

  • Some of the cutest things I've ever seen.

I'm obsessed with the way the sunrise light arced over the mountains, the way this black and white film turned out, and the way they love each other. So glad I got the chance to photograph these delightful humans.